• That Tangy Sweet Green Salad

    That Tangy Sweet Green Salad

    Zucchini and Raw Mango with Mint and Honey Dressing 8th out of 50 Shades of Summer. I am on a salad experimentation spree. I have no idea who this cam into mind, but just thought it would be interesting. The sweet and tangy flavours mixed with the minty and sweet ...

  • Chickpeas and Raw Mango Salad

    Chickpeas and Raw Mango Salad

    7th out of the 50 Shades of Summer This gorgeous salad was my lunch for today. I had some boiled chickpeas and mum made raw mango salad to carry to office today so, I decided to carry some of that as well. We had two separate ingredients and didn't know ...

  • Channa Masala Chaat

    Channa Masala Chaat

    Okay, I have been craving Channa Chaat for a while now, and I had to have it! Not the Chickpea Salad kind but the one with the Channa masala gravy. That's when it turns into a flavourful bowl of delight! So, over the weekend, I decided to make everything at ...

  • North Indian Style Chana Masala / Chickpea Curry

    North Indian Style Chana Masala / Chickpea Curry

    I don't know what it is about the chickpea, but I absolutely love it, all forms of it, whether it is in a salad or in form of usli (or Sundal in Tamil). I had been craving channa chaat for a while now, I really wanted to make the gravy ...

  • Pani Puri

    Pani Puri

    Summer holidays with cousins only meant one thing; that mom would make pani puri that week! This is also the dish that my mum used to trick me into eating raw onions which I HATE by the way. There are different versions of the same Pani Puri which is called ...

  • Masala Lemon Tea - No Added Sugar

    Masala Lemon Tea - No Added Sugar

    When I had been to Chennai last week, I was staying at my friend's place and she said she had found this amazing tea recipe online and we decided to make it while we waited for another friend of ours to arrive. Even though didn't have cinnamon, that was a ...

  • Dal Makhni

    Dal Makhni

    I had initially soaked the black gram to add them to a salad ( will put out a similar recipe soon ) and I ended up not making the salad and my mum suggested Dal Makhni. So here is the Dal Makhni recipe.

  • Kobri mitai / Coconut Barfi

    Kobri mitai / Coconut Barfi

    Ever since I moved back home my parents have taken it upon themselves to make one snack - sweet or spicy, every weekend and this weekend it was kobri mitai. I think this one is relatively easier to make than Mysore Pak. This is a recipe my parents made, and ...

  • North Indian Style Methi Paratha ( Fenugreek Flatbread)

    North Indian Style Methi Paratha ( Fenugreek Flatbread)

    Being a South Indian, stuffed or any other form of paratha always called for excitement in our household. The earliest memory I have of a paratha is of Aloo Paratha ( Stuffed Potato flatbread) is when my mum used to pack aloo paratha for me when I was probably in ...

  • The Versatile Mint Chutney

    The Versatile Mint Chutney

    If you have ever wanted one chutney to go with almost all the snack that you make then your search ends here! This is one chutney that can be used not only for snacks but also while making burgers ( Indianized ones of course), it also goes pretty well with ...

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